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The Decadent Delights Series

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8 thoughts on “Say My Name_200

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    I loved this book just like I’ve loved all of your books. My question is will you be giving us Claudia and Maximillion’s story?

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    Savonya Lawson

    This was a good one too. Christina & Dereon made a good couple. I loved how you included Reggie as a friend of Dereon and giving us an update on him. Can you please write about Claudia & Max 🙂

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    I loved this book !!! I hope that we will hear more about them in Claudia and Max’s book.
    Does Max have the same profession as Dereon? Other than what they do on the side.

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      Angie Post author

      Absolutely. Max and Claudia’s story will be released in time for Christmas. And yes, he does have a profession, but I can’t spoil the surprise. LOL. Stay tune.