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On the set of Shameless

shamelessWhen I first started watching the Showtime original series Shameless it was not because I’m a best-selling author who loves creating dysfunctional characters. I became a fan of the popular series (which just finished its seventh season) because it’s filmed at my birth home.

No, I’m not joking.

I lived on the set of the Showtime original series Shameless.

Every week I get to turn on Showtime and watch the saga continue while being flooded with memories of my life as a child living at the “Gallagher” home. Trust me. It was weird at first, seeing my grandparents’ home on television, knowing I had also lived there as an infant with my mother.

They’d bought the Homan house (as we refer to it), with 2119 on the glass above the door, in 1953, and then kept the property for almost thirty years, while raising their own six children. When my grandmother bought another place in the mid-70s, away from the West Side of Chicago, Illinois, her oldest daughter moved back into the Homan house to raise … go figure… six children of her own until the house was eventually sold.

I’ll never forget the summers spent running up and down Homan Avenue with the rest of my cousins, jumping double-dutch, and hanging out at the park at the end of the dead end street, where I had also met a boy, and fell in love for the first time. Those are fond memories that flood to the surface each and every time I tune in to the addictive series.

Shameless is a favorite of mine. I love the writing, and even though my grandmother is probably turning in her grave at all the shenanigans going on in a place the Anderson Family once called home, I continually tune in laughing at William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, and the engaging series about probably the most dysfunctional family on television. I thought my family was crazy, but I guarantee once you watch the series, you’ll decide your family wasn’t as cray-cray as you had suspected.

homanThe Gallagher home, my birth home, and those memories growing up, will be the backdrop for my upcoming time travel, Timeless Desire, coming this spring. The story is about a young jazz singer who finds an old locket that sends her traveling back to the 1970s, to fill her grandmother’s patent leather shoes.

Hours of Pleasure 1

I get numerous messages asking when is the next book? Can you tell us how the characters are doing? Are they going to have any children? And for years I wondered why do readers care so much? In fact, why won’t they just let me write a new book with new characters and a brand new story. But then I started watching series on television such as The Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black ,and Sons of Anarchy, and I gasped, “Oh my God! Now I know.”  I now understand why audiences love series so much.

It’s because the characters become a part of your life. Every week you’re looking forward to the next episode, just like every year readers are looking for the next book just so they can read what their favorite characters are doing with their lives. We fall in love with their personalities, the towns that they live in, and the people they associate with. Their life becomes our lives.

Pleasure_small800So now that I’m watching series, I finally understand why my readers are sorry for the book to end. I can understand the sorrow. No one wants to see your book end or a series to end. I remember finishing Sons of Anarchy. I was crying because it was time to say goodbye and I wasn’t ready. Hell, I probably would have never grown tired. Because it’s like you’re saying goodbye to piece of your own life and it’s just not something easy to do. As a reader I hate for a book to end so I start reading slower as I get closer to the last chapter, trying to make it last as long as possible. As a writer, having a reader sad to say goodbye means I have done my job.

I was getting ready to write a new novella when readers asked for Mackenzie’s story. Mackenzie? Who is Mackenzie? But I remembered introduced her in Time for Pleasure and she appeared again in Claiming What’s Mine. The barmaid at Spanky’s Bar & Grill. A hangout spot that started in the Beaumont series and has continued in all of my Sheraton Beach Briefs. I decided to give her more of a voice and a story and created the second book of The Pleasure Series. I hope it quenches your thirst for more, more, and more.

I’m Claiming What’s Mine 2

With my latest release, I decided to interview myself. I know, I’m a little crazy at times. LOL

What’s this book about?

claiming 3d coverWell…, what are ALL romance novels about? Love and conflict. LOL. Sorry, I just had to say that. But seriously, it’s the love and conflict that readers fall in love with. For Claiming What’s Mine, I decided to only give away part of the conflict in the blurb and save a little intrigue for the book.

Is this another erotic romance? No, I decided to go a little old school this time. For the last two years, my books have been loaded with sex first, and a relationship later. With this book I wanted to take a little more time to develop my characters first.

Why the change?

Do you have any idea how much work it is writing love scenes? Goodness! After writing Seduced into Submission. I needed to breathe [exhale] and decided to slow it down a bit and focus on creating my characters with the hopes of readers embracing them.

In the end, what are your thoughts?

I was thinking… I’m so glad I’m done with this book! LOL. No, really, I was thinking readers are going to be happy to revisit with some of their favorite characters (Beaumonts) and to finally find out Darnell’s story, since I’ve been hinting about it all year.

Why a holiday story?

Why not? I try to release something every Christmas and the good thing is this time it’s a full-length book.

I hope my readers enjoy my latest creation. Be prepared to curl up in an electric blanket and enjoy. Happy Holidays!

Where did she come from?

While coming up with the idea for Strutting in Red Stilettos, I decided to create a character that readers might need a moment to decide if they like Diamond or not. LOL. I’m always creating these beautiful, likable, feisty heroines that I wanted my latest character to be different.

Diva Diaries #2

Diva Diaries #2

I wanted readers to have to take a moment towards the end of the book to decide whether they liked her, and if not, they would know why. I believe that even if my readers say “I liked the book but I couldn’t stand her” then I’ve still done my job.  Ashley “Diamond” Wade not only owns a lingerie shop but she works as an escort on the weekends. She’s truly a free spirit and won’t stop at nothing to get revenge. Some might find her a bit raunchy and others might actually applaud her efforts. So far the feedback has been positive. I had a lot of fun with this story because there is nothing in her methods of getting back at a man that resembled me and that was important with this character. LOL. However, one thing you’ll always find in this series is my girls always get their men in a pair of stilettos.

The Beaumont Series? 7

I’ve received numerous emails from readers requesting the order of the Beaumont

Beaumont Series #1

Beaumont Series #1

Series. I am planning to create a page on my website just for the series so that readers can keep track of the characters and the books. The series is as follows: The Second Time Around, The Playboy’s Proposition, The Player’s Proposal, For You I Do, Before I Let You Go, Every Second Counts, and A Beau for Christmas. I plan to have the entire series available before the end of 2013 along with two new Naughty Nibbles.