Self-Imposed #Deadlines

I sincerely try to complete my novels on time, but every week things just seem to get in the way: running errands, housework, spending time with my new husband, binging on a trending new series on Netflix, and did I mention spending quality time with my wonderful husband? Before I know it, the due date I thought I had plenty of time to meet, is closely approaching, and then its crunch time!


It’s gotten so bad I decided to just do away with deadlines all together. POOF! No more pressures of trying to get a book released as planned. Instead, in 2017, I intend to work smarter, not harder, allowing myself the freedom to develop my characters and stories until I’ve reached the point I’m ready to release. Isn’t that the beauty of being an indie author?

With that said…

I will just have to learn to keep my projects a secret until they are ready for preorders. Readers will probably think I’m nuttier than they already do, and that’s okay. I’m an author… but I’m also human.