Please no Butt Kicking

Please don’t kick my butt! Bound will not be released this month.

Fans of my Seduced into Submission series have been waiting for the love story and I want to be able to give you that. Unfortunately, I just could not get the characters to talk to me the way I need them to do, which is normal when I’m trying to force a story. I have a complete rough draft of the book, but it is… [clearing my throat] …rough. A lot of elements that would be expected in the final installment of the series are missing and I don’t want to release it until I know it’s right because I don’t want y’all talking bad about me! LOL! The final book is coming, that I promise. I just can’t say when and I rather not disappoint you again. So, in the meantime, I am digging through some of my old stories, repackaging, and will be releasing them with updated stories (some with new titles). They might be new books to some readers. If so, you got yourself a treat. 

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