In the Company of My Sistah, Sasha Campbell


One lazy afternoon I decided to ask my alter ego Sasha Campbell to interview me about my newest release, Misery & Company. We haven’t spent time together in a while but when I reached out to her, Sasha wasted no time stepping into her five-inch heels and strutted into the room. Of course, she took one look at me, frowned, and said, “Angie, what’s up with those shoes?”

Since my knee injury I’ve been investing in ballerina flats. Not the sexiest shoes in my walk-in closet but comfortable. I gave her a dismissive wave and insisted we get started with the interview.


Your Company series, I see you’ve recently re-released the first book, In the Company of my Sistahs.

Yes, I finally got my publication rights back for that book, which is why the new cover, and hope to eventually get the second and third books back as well.


Sequels are tough but writing a saga is even harder. What made you decide to write a fourth book?

I love LOVE these characters. There is someone who each of my readers can relate to. However, the one readers ask about the most is Renee. Sasha, now that I mentioned it …she kinda reminds me of you.


I like her already. Tell me more.

She’s feisty, a free-spirit who does whatever the hell she wants and rarely ever apologizes for it. But even with all of her over the top crazy antics, she always has her girls’ back. These women truly go through a journey in these books.


Will there be another installment to the series?

Absolutely. I’m not ready yet to say goodbye.


I’ve read some of the reviews. Where do you come up with this crazy stuff?

A lot of it is my life. My friends have been living vicariously through me for years and they will tell you, don’t tell Angie anything you don’t want to see in a book. Of course, a lot of it is my wild imagination, but I’d never tell what is truth and what’s fiction.


A woman of mystery…I like that.

Thank you, Sasha. That means a lot coming from you.


If you could describe Misery & Company in one word what would it be?



If you haven’t had a chance to read the series, then go ahead and start it from the beginning. Hold on tight for the ride of your life!


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