Oh What a Year it’s Been!

2018 has been an eventful year. I started my Ph.D. in human resources which I am truly excited about. I had no idea, however, that going back to school would dominate so much of my time that I wouldn’t have time to write. Go figure. I guess that’s why I am so excited to be ending the year with the release of Surrender.

The Seduced into Submission has been a series that I have truly enjoyed writing. I love alpha men and this story has a hero that is so sexy and dominant that I wish I could find one just like him. Now, I’m no spring chicken when it comes to relationship, so you can understand how a woman with very little experience could find herself swept up into an affair like nothing she had every dreamed.

I had started this book with the intentions of making Surrender the final installment. Mainly because it has taken me almost two years to write the fourth book. And it wasn’t due to a lack of trying. The problem is I can’t just write a book because my readers ask me to. I have to be feeling the story and the characters have to be talking to me otherwise it is truly wasted effort, which is what happened. Now the characters won’t stop talking to me!

Spoiler Alert! Surrender is NOT the final chapter. The saga will continue just a little bit longer. I tried but there was just no way I could abruptly stop the story. I had to give Creed and Peyton a chance to tell their stories and to truly have their happily ever after. Yes, I know my readers are going to be mad at me, but I think they’ll be thanking me later (At least I hope so.)

The good thing is the final chapter is almost completed and will be released this summer.

In the meantime… get ready to Surrender.

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