Bound to Completion

He’s the weakness she can’t contain.

Returning to the Seduced into Submission series was rough. I think that’s because the characters are complex, and there is so much going on in her life. When it comes to Peyton, I have to become one with her, which isn’t easy for me. She is timid and submissive, and I am not. I would beat a chick down, be ruthless, and check Creed when he steps out of line, but I know that is something Angie Daniels would do and not the character, so I have to remember to step back and try not to dictate their relationship. Creed was tough to create because he is arrogant and controlling, but as an author, you have to be able to create a likable character. Hence, over time, I had to begin pulling back the layers and start showing a change in him to make the love story believable. At moments I found myself making Creed soften too soon, so I had to rewrite those scenes. This has been a long road, but I have been taking the series one page at a time, and I think readers will be happy with this new edition. Last month, I mentioned in my newsletter that Bound would not be the last book. There is just too much story left to tell. The last book of the series will be Unwound, which I hope to outline this summer and finally end the story. Once the last book is published, I can finally release the series in paperback.  That is going to be one big book.

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