Seduced into Submission - Book 3

★★★★★ “Best BWWM ever!” 
★★★★★ “I am ready for more!”

The saga continues with decisions that come at a price…

Creed swept me away with incredible passion.
And I am not sure I can resist.
Only there is a problem.
He is my boss.
The man I crave.
Yummy, arrogant, and charming.
But there is no way I can continue the affair. 
It would go against everything I believe. 
I should not want him the way I do. 
I plan to keep up my protective wall.
But his demanding reach has no boundaries.
From me, he wants nothing less than complete surrender. 
And I am not sure I could resist if I wanted.
He owns me.
Maybe even controls me. 
Staying will be dangerous.
Leaving him will destroy me.
And—as I’ll soon find out—decisions come with a price.

*Obey is book 3 of 6 in the Seduced into Submission saga*

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