Fire in my Soul

My best friend’s ex-boyfriends are completely off limits…

When we meet at a job fair, I don’t even recognize him. I just know he’s tall and sexy, and that every woman in the room is intrigued by him, including me. That is, until I realize he’s David Soul. Nope. I don’t plan on making that mistake again. However, that was before I discover my entire life has been a big fat lie, and David offers to help find out the truth. How can I say no? The problem is I’m having a hard time resisting temptation. David is gorgeous and hot, and he has a way of making me feel safe and desirable. So of course I’m falling for him, but the timing is wrong. I needed to uncover my past before I can begin thinking about my future, but everyone that knows the truth is either lying or dead. The only clue I have is an old photograph of six African American nursing students. No promises. I just need to stay focused on right now, but David is determined to show me he’s Mr. Right. As secrets are uncovered will I discover that all I’ve ever needed was right there in front of me?