When I First Saw You

An Online Proposal…

When Chante Campbell gets an all-expense paid weekend for her birthday, she never expects to spend it with her fiancé—since she doesn’t know she has one. As it turns out, her grandfather impersonated her on an online dating site, accepted a proposal, and arranged a romantic rendezvous. Thank goodness her son spills the beans, and she is headed to Philadelphia to send the online Casanova fishing.


Leads to Real-Life Desire

Chante meets Dr. Antonio Marks—and like a crackling lightning strike in a summer storm, she is hit by a blazing attraction. She should tell this gorgeous widower and pediatrician the truth. But Chante fears that even if he overlooks the matchmaking mishap, he’ll never forgive a bigger lie she’s hiding. Now, trapped by deception, Chante is desperately seeking a solution—and life is about to send one that will test the awesome power of love…  **This book was originally published in 2006


“A writer to watch.” RT Book Reviews