In the Company of My Sistahs

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From acclaimed author Angie Daniels comes an exciting new novel that asks: Exactly how much trouble can four sexy, sassy, and stubborn women get into when they spend a week in Jamaica together? The answer: Plenty…For years, Lisa Miller has been living the good life–and watching her sister, Renee, and their childhood friends search for happiness of their own, usually in the form of a man. Tired of standing by while they waste their time looking for love in all the wrong places, Lisa has planned a vacation in Jamaica with them. She has some bad news to break, but she hopes her own heartache will make a difference in the lives of the women she loves…

Book 1

Renee Moore is a twice-divorced romance writer and mother of two who plans to use her time in Jamaica sipping Rum Punch, sun-bathing, and finding that perfect fling. After all, the friends have agreed: what happens in Jamaica stays in Jamaica.

Attorney Nadine Hill may have it together professionally, but personally, she’s a mess. Maybe because she’s been fighting her true desires for too long–desires that may include an attraction to women.

The daughter of a Baptist minister, Kayla Sparks dreams of marrying a man of the church. When a handsome Reverend walks into her life, she thinks he is a gift from God… But his wife would probably disagree.

Through laughter, tears–and a few squabbles–one by one these ladies will start to look at themselves, their lives, and their futures, in a whole new way.

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