A Delight before Christmas

At the last minute Reginald Hodges is asked to play Santa at the clinic’s holiday party. Mistaking him for their resident pediatrician, Berlin Dupree hops onto his lap and gives him the hottest kiss of his life. Realizing the mix-up, she quickly retreats. However, Reggie is now determined to get the bougie beauty in his bed for a brief fling. But the more time he’s with her the more he wants until she has this bachelor thinking about keeping her in his bed forever. Delivered to the Wrong Man For office manager, Berlin Dupree, the fine brotha from the hood is the last thing she needs. Reggie represents a past that painful experience has taught her to fear. She has dreams of marrying a doctor and living the good life, and refuses to settle for less no matter how good he makes her feel. Yet ever since that kiss she’s been on an emotional roller coaster ride. And the more Reggie pushes, the hotter and more complicated things get. When her parents announce they’re spending Christmas with her, Berlin realizes she better get her fixer-upper ready quick, fast, and in a hurry. She has no choice but to ask the sexy contractor for help. Reggie is willing but only after she agrees to three dates where he makes all the rules. Berlin embarks on the challenge of a lifetime as Reginald stops at nothing to claim her as his.