Misery and Company

For these friends, life will never be the same again.. As the owner of a successful dating site, Danielle devises a scheme to bring excitement to her marriage. The problem is, her husband’s enjoying the surprise a little too much… Nadine is a successful attorney with a wife and twins. She also has an addiction that has gotten so bad she’s jeopardizing the lives of everyone around her… Kayla loves everything about her life, especially her husband, but the executive assistant feels there’s more going on than he’ll admit. She’s been taught when looking for trouble you’re sure to find it, and it’s far worse than she’d imagined… After years of living on the edge, Renee’s finally ready to settle down. But for the best-selling author, tragedy strikes, bringing the four friends together. As secrets and lies are revealed, they’ll discover what love, family, and friendships are really all about.

Start the drama from the beginning:
In the Company of My Sistahs
Trouble Loves Company
Careful of the Company You Keep
Misery and Company

“This book gives you drama, suspense, laughter, and some very sincere moments.” Urban Reviews about In the Company of My Sistahs

“A wild and crazy ride!” The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers about Careful of the Company You Keep

Books in the series...

What happens in Jamaica stays in Jamaica. Click for Book One

Trouble is following the sistahs at every turn. Click for Book Two

Keep your sistahs close and enemies closer. Click for Book Three