Say My Name

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St. Louis caterer Christina Holloway only dates men capable of providing her with the finer things in life. But despite putting her best foot forward, her relationships have all ended in disappointment. It isn’t until she attends her sister’s wedding that she begins to wonder if it’s time to reevaluate her choice in men. Her cousin, Tamara, issues her a challenge: if Christina lowers her standards and dates a man with a more humble career, Tamara will give Christina the priceless family heirloom she so craves.

From the moment she meets Dereon Sanders, Christina is attracted to the sexy bad boy in ways she can’t explain. With one touch, Dereon has the ability to make her forget who she is, and the material things that were once so important no longer seem to matter. What was supposed to have been only five dates develops into an insatiable relationship with a man who challenges everything she thought she wanted.


Christina’s all set to prove to her family that she and Dereon are meant to be together. But there’s one problem—Dereon is hiding a secret. Uncovering the truth will require Christina to put her creative skills to use…